more about facebook.

So this English major in my Spanish class asked me for my full name so he could add me as a friend on facebook. He said he would give me recommendations for creative writing teachers (because I want to take a creative writing class in the fall.)

After our next Spanish class, he started walking with me and asked me if I wanted to get some lunch.

"Sorry, I've got plans. I'm gonna meet up with a friend to sew some t-shirts."

"Sew t-shirts? That seems kinda hippie-ish."

"Yeah, I guess I'm kinda a hippie."

"Wow, that seems so random...I guess not many people sew."

I cannot the remember the small talk that occurred in the time lapse before we stopped at the crosswalk. As we're waiting for the light to change, there's a conversational pause, and then he says in sarcastic tone,"Uh, so I didn't know that you had an ex-husband with bi-polar disorder and that you loved hip hop."

"mmmmm...yeah, I did... and I do."

When he can see the sincerity of the statement on my face, he panics.

"Oh my gosh, you're not joking?"


"Oh man, I just read a little bit of that essay on your link from your facebook page and assumed it was a joke; but it's all real?"

"Yeah... it is."

After all that, he still had the guts to ask me for my number.


Robin said...

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, Laura. I read your essay and can't figure how it reads as anything _but_ sincere.

Robin said...

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, Laura. I read your essay and can't figure how it reads as anything _but_ sincere.

Robin said...

i guess that posted twice to underscore the sincerity of the comment.

c. said...

only at BYU. seriously.

i'm not sure what creative writing class you're thinking of taking, but for my 218 class i had lisa hale, and i liked her. i hear wonders about kim anderson, but i wouldn't know first-hand. right now i'm in writing fiction with stephen tuttle, though, and he is most excellent. i say this, and i don't even like writing fiction. that's how good he is.


MikeAlger said...

Yikes, I want to pull my collar in awkwardness.

mim said...

I love that story. It sounds like something I would do. There was this guy named Andy in Jr. High who saved me in woodshop meaning he was the only guy who would help me rip plywood through the table saw and he helped me not chop off my fingers once. He signed my yearbook with the name of "Bud" instead of Andy and so I started teasing him about it. He got offended so I ramped it up. Then I looked up his picture and Bud was his real name. I apologized more than I had harassed him, but I don't think it totally fixed things.

whitney joy said...

well, he's probably reading this blog right now too. soo... shout out to english major boy in laura's spanish class!!! HOW ARE YOU DOING???