to the sisters.

I picked up this 24k gold shu uemura eyelash curler in Las Vegas on the way to California.
I joked that I bought it "because I like hip hop" and my friends on the trip were saying things like, "You deserve it, girl!"
I actually felt pretty silly about it and kept over-explaining that I really bought it because I hope to be less allergic to it than the regular eyelash curler. But I'll confess that I do feel pretty fancy when I whip it out.
Jenny, Mom, Marie, and Miriam: You're welcome to use it anytime.


Costi said...

no shame in indulging, esp for quality

mim said...

Sweet! I can't wait to try that thing out!

whitney joy said...

can't wait to curl our eyelashes together soon. I love my shu uemura curler gifted by you to me.

Former Fat Chick said...

you must encrust it with some bling! ha-ha