I have never seen even one episode of "24", but the rest of my family loves it.
I don't intentionally resist it; there's just always a pattern of watching "24" that naturally discludes me.
My dad is the greatest enthusiast. It's like clockwork. The tv lights up at 7:55p or 7:58p and always blasting (because my dad is a little hard of hearing.) I arrive home around this time and start talking with my mom, who is also sitting on the couch, ready for the next action-packed installment.
We start speaking loudly over the tv volume and it's okay until the opening credits are through. At this point, my mom and I are pretty engaged in whatever we're speaking about as my dad is on the edge of his seat about the promising interest of the unfolding episode.

He turns and shouts, "If you guys are gonna talk, you could go into the other room!"

This is the only time I ever hear my father raise his voice these days.

I leave my mom and dad to watch in peace because I know I can't actually keep quiet after being quiet at school all day.

Miriam added a beautiful element this week by dispelling the phony tv science. During the precluding "what happened last week" segment she exclaims, "but prions aren't virulent!" When I ask her what that means, she enthusiastically starts explaining. Then Mom pipes in. "Shhh. Dad will get mad. He'll ask to move to a different room if you want to talk."


c. said...

one time, i was watching the fantastic four at your house and your dad had the volume up all the way. your mom would come in and ask him to turn it down, and he did, but as soon as she left the room--it went right back up.

MiriamR said...

I don't know why but this post made me laugh hysterically. I am still laughing and after reading c.'s comment I really can't stop laughing.

I don't watch 24 either. Everyone says its the greatest show ever made but I have no interest. I usually love conspiracy/government shows but not this one. Maybe when it goes off air I will rent them and watching them all in a marathon.

MikeAlger said...

I watched the first season on DVD when I was living alone at my sisters house. I hated the ending and I've never watched an entire season of anything since.

I've never made it to a commercial break on CSI because the "science" is so bad.

But I imagine what happened next in your story was that your dad asked you to move to another room if you were going to laugh so uncontrollably.