life in the lab.

There is a small group of students brave enough to major in graphic design without owning a computer. We meet everyday in the same labs and there's an almost instant comraderie among us as we have so much in common. Of course we share advice, food, & critiques. I've also been picked up on and burped in front of. For all of you who haven't heard from me lately, that's where I've been.

I will post the fruits of my labor in their present entirety.
(Who know if I'll edit again? I probably will.) It feels almost a little embarrassing to post because I've spent so long, but here goes. I'm up for any feedback-- if something doesn't look quite right, please let me know. I've stared at it for so long that my perspective is dramatically skewed.

Thanks to luke. Yes, I stole many things from your blog for this project. Thanks for having such cool posts to reap from.

Readers, stay tuned for the final versions of my website, poster, and dvd designs because they are all due this week.

Oh, and I made my first $100 from my adsense ad. Thanks for clicking! Keep it up!

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