knew i was right.

"I'm headed up to Provo."
"You mean DOWN to Provo?"
Whitney is a drafter and this mistake cannot go uncorrected. In her mind north is up and south is down. The notion of going "down" to Salt Lake is likewise deemed ridiculous.
But after years of being corrected on this issue (ever since the mint house days) I discovered that I am right.

Salt Lake City: 4,226 ft. above sea level

Provo: 4,549 ft. above sea level


AllgauerJodler said...

American Fork:

4,566 ft. above see level.


Salt Lake (as declared by Brigham Young himself, on July 24, 1847, at 40°45'9.02"N, 111°48'58.39"W):

4,931 ft. above see level.

Whitney is still right.

whitney joy said...


Jeff Denison said...

This is just typical of your imperialist attitude to assume that the United states is right side up. What if you live in the southern hemisphere? Hmmmmm? But of course everyone assumes the United States is the only frame of reference. Swine!

mim said...

You can't use the this is the place monument as a reference AllgauerJodler. Not when EVERYONE knows that Caputo's is the center of the universe as far as SLC is concerned.

Cambrie said...

I agree with you Laura!

pollicino said...

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