ode to miriam.

I'll begin by saying that Miriam in ingenious. She's a P.h.d. in Antibiotic Resistance performing research at UC Merced, but refuses to allow us to call her "Dr. Barlow." She attends large science conferences abroad and furiously writes grants.
Put plainly, Miriam is engaged in unlocking some of the mysteries of the world with hopes to make it a better place for others. But even with such weighty things on her mind, she finds time to single-handedly remodel her modest home, maintain her yard, grow oranges, make strawberry freezer jam, cook dinner for the neighbors, play with children, and maintain deep and meaningful connections with her family members and close friends.

There is no way that I would ever know Miriam through personal interests alone. We lead very different lives. Sometimes I imagine myself as a student in her class (although that would never happen because I'm not even smart enough to be in her class) and think about what it would be like to have a professional relationship with her. I imagine admiring her and wondering what she did in her free time.

And here is the amazing thing about life: I am Miriam's free time. Not only do I get to marvel at what she does in her professional life, but I get the opportunity to know the inner workings of her whole life in general. I get to talk work and research and philosophy and boys with this person and then I think to myself, "Who am I? How lucky am I to have this intimate relationship with someone this remarkable?"

I am not kidding. I cannot believe how blessed I am.


T K Barlow said...

I agree whole heartedly.

Carroll said...

Amen sister! Uh,I mean daughter.
Miriam, we all love you and often rely upon you. I know that at times your burden has been heavy. Thanks for your love. We are amazed at what you have accomplished, not only academically and professionally. You are also very accomplished in blessing those around you, including your family, friends, through service at church, and in your neighborhood and community. Your are a precious jewel and are highly valued by so many. You have a dear sweet place in so many lives.

mim said...

You guys! I am sitting here in my office crying ridiculously over this. I love you all too and thanks. I needed this one.

c. said...

seriously DELICIOUS freezer jam, too.

Lindy said...

you make me miss miriam...I think I'll call her. Can you email me her number?