i wanna rock with you...

Walking out of an opening at a gallery in Chelsea on Friday night. I think even the sky wanted to participate.
Eating a street gyro at a table in the middle of Chelsea nightlife. Every time traffic stopped at the light, at least one car was blasting a Michael Jackson hit that Jared sang along with. I am posting this picture only because Jared laughs every time he sees it (albeit somewhat smaller.)
Guggenheim on Saturday. Frank Lloyd Wright designed some really weird buildings. I learned how toned down the Guggenheim itself really is. If you don't believe me, go here.
And Jared found this amazing beetle in the middle of a CVS in Manhattan. It's so cool! Look at its branchy antennas!


Carroll said...

thanks for rockin me, it looks cool and fun!


heidikins said...

Those are fantastic pics--also, I have a crush on the Guggenheim. Don't judge.


T K Barlow said...

I love your face as you are looking up at him. I hope you had fun.