More from my brother who is deployed overseas as a navy doctor:


This morning we woke up to dust. It kind of reminded us of being home because it looked like fog. Nope. Dust. It wasn't the first dust storm we have had, but the others have been gusty. This one was still. The dust hung in the air as if suspended by some magnetic force, and very slowly showered down.

It covers everything. It even covers me. I went to the gym this morning and when I first wiped the sweat from my head, it was muddy. People who have hair had had it frosted by fine dust.

The sun coming through the dust provided a reddish glow. We decided we were on Mars. Hot. Red. No plants. Must be Mars.

There were not very many people in sick call today. Medical is kind of a far walk from everything else. I think they didn't want to walk through the dust. They had breathed too much dust already without hiking out here. I had better have a lot of sinus medications ready for tomorrow.




Carroll said...

Love to see your blog,even if it's something I have seen before. It was delivered by your hand this time. Hope your having a great time.


Cambrie said...

Wow that is crazy. What cool pictures too. I'm glad you posted for all to see.