It probably seems like I haven't been doing anything creative lately because I typically post photos of the stuff I've made, but it's not true.

I was SO busy making stuff that I didn't even have time to post it. So here's the stuff I did during spring term at BYU.

1. Project for my packaging design class. This is essentially what I spent the entire semester on. We had to choose a product to redesign. I chose Annie's line of natural foods. My teacher said that whoever was presently doing the design work for them should be castrated.



2. My corporate branding class. I designed a logo, along with a letterhead, envelope, and business card for an imaginary algae bio-fuel company. We also had to package something to give as a gift for an imaginary consumer or supporter of our product. I figured the gift packaging was the most interesting item to choose from. Here is my lemon basil rice hull herb garden:

3. And last, but not at all least, my bronze cell phone, where my blackberry and banana boyfriend charm will be memorialized forever. I accidentally signed up for .5 credit hours of an independent sculpture class. They happened to be casting bronze. I knew exactly what I wanted to make:


Aubrey and Jardan said...

I love these! I buy Annie's stuff sometimes, and I agree with your teacher--do they ACTUALLY pay someone to do that? I think your work is beautiful (I suppose I can say that now about a box of Muesli)!

Marie said...

I LOVE the phone. Please will it to me (come on, it won't matter. I'm older. I'll die first) BTW, what happened to banana boyfriend's arms?

MiriamR said...

those look so great! I would definitely buy your Annie's over the real one. I bet the bronze casting class was fun! Even though it was an accident. I did that once with a food branding nutrition class and I loved the class!

Costi said...

i love the annie's packaging, looks like a perfect fit. all of them are amazingly talented.

mim said...

I love it!