i love you.

I've always known that I love people and love to be around them. I told Jared at the very beginning of our correspondence that I knew I needed to have at least one "real" conversation everyday or else I'd get really lonely.

The freedom of graphic design has seemingly woven its own nets of loneliness. I'm in a weird gap in between semesters, working everyday to prepare my portfolio to apply to the graphic design BFA. And because my job with the Chinese Flagship Center at BYU doesn't require that I go anywhere in particular, it's added up to a lot of time alone spent in front of a computer in my freshly cleaned bedroom.

I don't mean to complain about the flexibility of my schedule; that's fantastic. But the lack of any routine has left me a little lonely. There are no coworkers or classmates to bump into in any regular way. Spending so much time alone has granted me exorbitant amounts of time to think, which only increases my desire to share my thoughts with others! It's a funny cycle.

I ran into my friend Annie on campus yesterday and the flexibility of my schedule allowed me to spend the rest of the day with her. I talked SO much. Good thing she's such a patient and responsive listener. It was only after I'd talked so voraciously with her that I recognized I must've been lonely at all.

I think that's the good thing about me and blogging. It allows me to uncap some of my thoughts even when I can't be with you.


Annie said...

And it allows ME to get some fantastic Laura moments in my day when I can't be with you!

heidikins said...

I heart blogging for this very reason. :o)


MiriamR said...

Yeah I love blogging because of that too. I have way too much time to think in the day too and it makes some strange conversations with Daniel when he gets home from work (meaning totally random and where did this come from?)