please make it go away...

Anyone who's around me for any length of time knows that I'm always complaining about my eye rashes. (All of the redness on my eyelid is rashiness too.)

Here's the story. Last spring when I first moved back to my parent's house, they had a cat named Willy. I was really, really, really allergic to him without really knowing it. When I was around him, my eyes would itch and I'd rub them. The bad news is that it was after I'd touched all of the surfaces that he frequented. I was so allergic to him that my skin broke out in a rash around my eyes. It was almost torturous then and I was scary to look at.

Willy has since been kicked out to live as an outdoor cat for the rest of his days (and I just know he'll find me someday and claw my eyes out... it's been a difficult transition for him.)

The really bad news now is this: I get the eye rashes back all the time even when there aren't cats around. It seems to be a part of the way that normal hay fever manifests itself. I am going crazy! It itches so so so bad. And my brother Tom, the doctor, informed me that you're not supposed to ever put cortizone cream on your eyes (something about how the steroids in it can destroy your soft and gentle eye tissues.)

So here is a list of things I am doing to cope:
slathering them with lotion
wearing an eye mask to bed
sleeping on my back so I don't bury my face into my pillow which could be full of dusty allergens
taking generic zyrtec everday
trying so hard not to itch and rub
not wearing my contacts

But they've been like this for 3 weeks! I can't take it anymore...


mim said...

Come to Merced! Also, there are these allergen free pillow covers you can get. It might be worth getting a new pillow and sticking one of those covers on it.

Cambrie said...

Wow-- you really are allergic to everything. No fun!

Aubrey and Jardan said...

I used to get that ALL the time, it was constant while living in UT. Then I moved to AZ and I haven't had it since. (if this sounds like I'm trying to find an excuse for you to join me here, it is! :) )

Aubrey and Jardan said...

I did have an eye cream for sensitive skin that I used to put on it, which helped. I'm trying to figure out what is was, I'll let you know if I find it!

Matt and Suzanne said...

Ouch, that looks like no fun at all. I will admit I was laughing pretty hard at your little narrative. I love your sense of humor. Maybe with two soon to be doctors in my fam too we can figure this out. I let you know if I find out anything helpful!!