zucchini joy.

While we were gone in Washington, my dad's garden went through a major growth spurt. We came home to 9 zucchinis the size of my arm. My mom hates big zucchinis.
Dad asked me if I could do something to get rid of them. He even suggested checking out if I could donate them to a foodbank.
Instead, I pulled out my cell phone and set things up. I made appointments with five different friends to give them zucchini.
I've now discovered that fresh produce is the best way to catch up with people. You just drop in, see how they're doing, say "I love you" by handing them a ridiculously large zucchini and then leave to spread more joy. I'm gonna have to have my own garden someday.
(Is that not the cutest zucchini in the world?! I found it when I was googling for zucchini images.)


MiriamR said...

that is a great idea to get rid of zucchini. I love zucchini now (baked with olive oil. I used to hate it.

Suvi said...

i wish you could bring me a zucchini! Maybe you should take one to meri, she's a bit stressed out these days and could use either veggies or chocolates, and for sure some catching up with a good girlfriend.

mim said...


Suzanne said...

Laura! It's your long lost friend Suz! I laughed so hard at that zucchini post...it made me miss you! I am so glad I found your blog so I can find out all the exciting things that are going on in your life. My blog is bushmanbio.blogspot.com. Lv u! XOXO

Annie said...

I heartily approve of your newfound practice of joy-spreading via zucchini-distribution.

mustdestroyalltraces said...

i don't love zucchini--but i do love ducks. so in this context, i do love zucchini.