i'd be lying if i said i wasn't obsessed with this.

Suvi entered her Brooklyn living room dramatically dancing to this song on her iphone as she held it in one of her hands. I've been hooked ever since.

Pop music is such a funny thing. I genuinely love this song--I think it has an addictive quality that's reacted perfectly with my brain chemistry--but I laugh almost every time because of the words (which are only accentuated by the cheesiness of the video.) It arises within me a question. Does everyone listen to it as casually as me or are there people who genuinely feel like making love to this? In reality though, I'm sure there are large groups who lie on both sides of this spectrum. Maybe I'm just jealous of the people who can take it seriously? No, probably not. And maybe it doesn't matter because it's served its purpose well: It may be one of the only songs I'm willing to pay $1.29 for on itunes in order to get my fix.


mim said...

I bought the album and I exercise to it. It's pretty good, but I am with you about the words. It makes me feel like a 13 yr old wearing pink. There are worse feelings.

Marie said...

If that was a commercial for toothpaste, I would be sold!

laura said...

ha! you are hilarious, marie! i totally agree.