my life will not end in a corner.

I'll admit it seems very inconsiderate and disrespectful to even an anonymous person to post their personal correspondence with me so publicly.

But when I first read his email over, a sick feeling of tumult chilled my bones. It is shocking, of course, that such a near stranger would rise to so many conclusions regarding my life and faith and then seek to offer criticism and guidance on such matters. But even more than that, there is something repulsive in the tone; one part inflated, another manipulative, another blind.

I first considered not responding at all, so that he couldn't enjoy even a spiteful reply. But that tumultuous feeling did not diminish. It resonated with all the times I'd been backed into corners by controlling men, both literally and emotionally, and it amplified them in my memory throughout the day.

The way to take back my own ground was so simple, no mud-slinging required. I decided to let it speak for itself.
I wish I would've taken such measures in the past.

Far worse than being lonely and single is living your life in a corner; I think I may know that better than most.


Brett said...

Actually Laura, I love the idea of you posting it without much in the way of your own comments about it! I love the idea of everyone else getting to comment so he'd read it and get an idea for how absurd the letter was from everyone else, and not just you. I very much endorse your reaction to it. Well played Laura. Well played.

WhitneyJoy said...

Well played indeed. And amen to this post, I love your writing. I wish you updated your blog more.

heidikins said...

"I've been backed into corners by controlling men, both literally and emotionally"

Amen, honey. A-men. Good on you for taking a stand and leaving it open to our interpretation.


Robin said...

Applause. Applause!