i promise i do not like manga or anime.

Whitney once said: "Laura, you're the most Japanese person I know. You're more Japanese than Chip and he is half Japanese and he speaks Japanese."

Is it more nerdy that I felt slightly flattered?

I received an email from my sister today suggesting a destination for our next Barlow womens' retreat. She knew I'd be on board. There's no way I'm gonna make a trip to Japan any time soon, so here's the next best thing for a nerd like myself-- Hotel Tomo:
It's in Japantown in San Fransisco. It is completely Japanese themed. I felt really nerdy about how excited I was to go and then started thinking about how if you line up a lot of stuff that I like in a row, you could really get the wrong idea:

My favorite food is sushi.
My favorite fashion publication is FRUiTS.
(which documents Tokyo street fashion)
My favorite cartoon of all time is My Neighbor Totoro
My favorite t.v. show is Samurai Jack.

My favorite comedy is Kamikaze Girls.
But I also really want to own a pair of cowboy boots -- oh my gosh-- maybe that's really Japanese of me too...


whitney joy said...

please buy some cowboy boots!

Jeff Denison said...

I thought you would have liked anime huh though, I did love that Kamikaze girl movie.

A said...

I love that you aren't mainstream. My brother spent three years living in Japan with his family and they loved it. Though my sister in law is quite tall and she said the girls are teeny. The culture is fascinating and so different from ours. You should take a trip there!

Marie said...

Mmmm, miso.

mim said...

This is ultra nerdy, but when I ordered a sequencer, which had been made in Japan and which cost over $100 K, I was excited about the packaging. All of the parts you had to assemble were suspended artistically in a clear acrylic box and there were little slips of paper with pretty Japanese designs and hand-penned Japanese calligraphy on them. I assume that they were just assuring that the quality control was good, but it was really quite an aesthetically pleasant experience to unwrap and assemble that instrument.