not all that disappointed.

Remember this post? Or this one?
Yeah, I auditioned for Bravo's replacement of "Project Runway" and got really far. They flew me out to LA. I signed a contract. I ate a $25 sandwich through room service on their tab.
I've been dying to blog about it for the last 3 months, but was supposed to keep it a secret. My final interview in LA happened about a month ago. They said I'd be informed of the final decision in a couple of days. Then they said I'd hear in a week, then in 2 weeks.

Someone from the production studio finally called yesterday:

"Sorry, but you weren't selected. Laura, we loved you and pushed so hard for you, but the network made the final decision. Sorry.
But we'll be thinking of you when season 2 comes up."

Maybe they tell everyone that?
Of course I've speculated all of these reasons why it took so long to receive my answer. Like, what if one of the network producers hates all Mormons after Prop 8? I don't know, maybe they're convinced that goodie-goodie girls like me don't make interesting television.

Either way, I'm totally okay with it. Not getting on means:

I get to keep my scholarship.

I don't have to withdraw from my classes (and then re-take them later.)

I get to start a new TA position at BYU where I work with visiting artists and take them to galleries.

I get to quit my job.

I don't have to worry about getting in trouble with BYU's honor code in regard to housing. (There was talk of possible mixed gender housing on the show.)

I don't have to go without communication with family and friends (and Josh) for 6 wks. (They make it a rule on all reality shows that you can't.)

I'm not gonna pretend like it wasn't a really exciting opportunity, but my life is plenty exciting without it. I still think I might be the luckiest girl on the planet.


Costi said...

wow, i think thats amazing that you auditioned and made it as far as you did! that says a lot about your talent and personality. go you! and there's a reason for everything and i like your list of good things...

mim said...

Their loss. I'm glad you have so many other good things going on.